On-line material for the paper "Extragalactic background light inferred from AEGIS galaxy-SED-type fractions",
A. Domínguez, J.R. Primack, D.J. Rosario, F. Prada, R.C. Gilmore, S.M. Faber, D.C. Koo, R.S. Somerville, M.A. Pérez-Torres, P. Pérez-González, J.-S. Huang, M. Davis, P. Guhathakurta, P. Barmby, C.J. Conselice, M. Lozano, J.A. Newman & M.C. Cooper, 2011, MNRAS, 410, 2556



Download files here:

EBL intensities

Optical depths

These next files bracket the EBL and optical depth uncertainty region as explained in Sec. 6.1 of the paper:

EBL upper uncertainties

EBL lower uncertainties

Optical depths upper uncertainties

Optical depths lower uncertainties

If you want to use our results in your work, plase cite our paper.


For any question or problem regarding this webpage, the files, the paper, or if you need any further data such as the contribution to the EBL from every galaxy SED-type, please contact A. Domínguez: alberto@iaa.es