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SIDE (Super Ifu Deployable Experiment)

SIDE is a instrumentation group formed by the F. Prada's Cosmology group at the IAA-CSIC and the company AVS, targeted to instrumentation for survey spectroscopy. The IAC, the LBNL and the University of Durham are also collaborators of SIDE.
SIDE has a valuable experience on precision fiber positioning mechanisms, built a 29 mm pitch Fiber Positioner prototype and is currently designing a 12 mm pitch positioner for the BigBOSS project. This project involves the mechanics, electronics and control software for the device.
A patent is pending for the 29 mm pitch prototype design concept.
Our group participates to the BigBOSS project as leader member of the Spain BIGBOSS Consortium and participated to the ELT OPTIMOS-EVE Phase A work.

The robot prototype (right) in front of a microscope (left). Click on the picture for viewing a moving prototype video.

A simulated performance of the anticollision software for a group of 19 actuators. Click on the picture to see an animation of the combined movement.

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HCT lab

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